Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Bney Yosef National Congress 2018

Shalom Fellow Israelite,

At the end of August 1998 I sent out my first Israelite letter to a handful of people who were on my email list. I didn’t know what salutation to use, but what came to me at that moment was what you see above. Actually the revelation of my own identity started back in 1980, while reading a teaching by Ray Prinzing in his book “Whispers of the Mysteries”. However, it was not until 1983 that the ‘penny dropped’ and I was ‘blown away’ by the “Word of Elohim”. Some of you know my testimony, from my book “Return to the Land”. Over the past 35 years (and before) of YHVH’s restoration of the lost tribes of Israel, there have been many believers from the traditional, non-denominational, and charismatic churches who have come to the same revelation of their Israelite identity.  It has taken many different twists and turns, ups and downs, comings and goings, organizations that have arisen, some remained and some not.  Many teachers, prophets and song writers have emerged. New congregations have sprouted up along with home groups.  There is a lot of variety and diversity now among the so called Ephraimites. 

It comes as no surprise therefore that much controversy and misunderstanding have been prevalent in this move of the Spirit of Elohim, and that includes the idea of having a National Congress of B’ney Yosef (the “sons of Joseph”). One of the questions that have arisen, because of the title we used, was: whether this was an attempt to establish a separate nation from the present Jewish nation of Israel? According to Scripture, the two sticks of Ezekiel 37:16 and Isaiah 8:14 are two houses in the one house and nation of their father Jacob.  The only thing that separates them is a wall of partition which YHVH erected for His purposes, but in His time and His way He would bring it down. In the meantime, we are beginning to see cracks and holes in this wall. For this reason, and others, in the first two congresses we attempted to begin to discuss ways of defining our Israelite national identity, as well as examining what it is that Abba is requiring at this point.  Building healthy relations within our house, looking for ways, by the leading of the Spirit, to build positive relationships with the Jewish people as well as with others in the nations where we are presently living, were some of the topics brought forth.  

The chief reason for the first Ephraimite Congress, again, was to begin to explore what actually constitutes our present Israelite national identity while scattered in the nations. If what we had done led some to believe that the Bney Yosef Congress had proposed to create another nation, separate from the present one (Israel), please let me convey our sincere apologies. At this given time we are Israelites living in the “wilderness of the nations”. But in order to make strides forward, we do need to transition beyond the scope of religious activities to building communities, and eventually be constituted as a recognizable ‘people group’. The Congresses, the Summits and National Shabbats, as well as other local gatherings, present opportunities to explore and seek the Father for guidance in preparation for our eventual exodus.

The First Bney Yosef National Congress in 2015 took place immediately after the Feast of Shavuot/Bikkurim (weeks/firstfruit). Last year, in 2016, it was with the ‘flavor’ of Succot that we segued into the event. And so, with the feasts of YHVH as time and event markers, we felt that the coming Congress should be related to the commemoration of our fathers’, and our, deliverance out of slavery (i.e. Passover). For the Jewish people the importance of the command to remember and celebrate their release from captivity performed by YHVH has never been forgotten, and has for millennia held a most central place in the year’s cycle. With these thoughts in mind, the next Bney Yosef National Congress will take place again at the Eshel HaShamron Hotel in Samaria from Friday 23rd of March to the morning of the 27th, which is just shortly before Pesach 2018 which begins on March 30th.

Hotel check-in will begin on Friday the 23rd, that evening we will celebrate the coming in of the Shabbat, the Congress meetings will end on the morning of Tuesday the 27th (4 nights). Note: The reason for not having it even closer to Pesach is because the hotel is required to make thorough preparations prior to the feast in terms of cleaning and kosherizing the kitchen etc. We would encourage you to remain in Israel for the duration of Pesach 2018, and celebrate it in Jerusalem with our brothers, something which would be of great significance.

Congress registration forms will be sent to you at a later date.

If you are thinking about attending the Congress or have questions, please let us know at the following email address amephraimchai@gmail.com

If you cannot make it, but know someone else you would recommend, please forward them this letter.

Thank you for your kind attention.


Ephraim and Rimona


  1. Shalom,
    Your efforts are greatly appreciated and we are excited to watch what is happening. More and more non-Jews are being called to celebrate the annual pilgrimages in Jerusalem. For many of us who are across the world and want to be there for the 3 feasts, the most cost effective way to do it is to go for 2nd Pesach (instead of the 1st) and return just after Shavuot. There is less than 2 weeks between the end of 2nd Unleavened Bread and Shavuot. Scheduling the conference during that time, particularly just before Shavuot, would enable more people the opportunity to come to the conference AND participate in one of the feasts and would enable those of us who are already there during that time to have a specific plan of action between the two feasts.
    We believe scheduling the conference during that time annually would be the best for the most people and would encourage the celebration of Abba's feasts in His appointed place.
    Thank you again for what you are doing for and in Israel.

  2. Thank you for your comments and suggestion. As mentioned in the letter, we have had one BYNC close to each of the two other feasts during the time that the Jewish nation here celebrates, thus we felt to do it again when Israel celebrates it's Pesach and Unleavened Bread. When the Camp of Ephraim (and Judah) celebrate Pesach in the nations they end it with the declaration "Next Year in Jerusalem". Hence having the Congress close to Pesach will encourage people to actually fulfill that in Jerusalem with the nation of Judah/Israel. After this next year we may choose a more permanent time, which will be discussed at the next Congress. If folks begin to make plans now and if the Spirit of Elohim is leading, finances will not even be a consideration (or at least, it will lighten the financial load. Just to add, Succot is not any cheaper either). As we have done in the past, we have to trust the Almighty with the future. Blessings.