Monday, October 2, 2017

A Missing Link to the Second Exodus (Crete Trip Part II)

Ever since becoming one of those “spirit filled” believers, back in the early 1970’s, I have been hearing many end time prophecies and have witnessed numerous attempts at interpreting the signs in the heavens and the troubles on earth as relating to the eminent return of the Messiah.  Lately phenomena in the heavens and on earth have been on the increase, with much of it being due to advanced technology and communication systems.  Many of the believers today, as in times past, are focused on the “return of Yeshua” although Scripture points out in Acts 3:19-21 that, “the heavens must retain Him until all is fulfilled that has been spoken by the prophets of old”.  Yeshua told His disciples that He had to go to the Father in order to send the Spirit, the Comforter, Who would lead and guide His people into present truth for each given period.  Thus, for two thousand years the Spirit has been imparted to a remnant in every generation, to reveal and carry out YHVH’s promises and prophetic purposes.
Now, in the present generation, one of the most important fulfillments has been and continues to be the restoration and return of the stick/house of Judah to their ancestral homeland.  At the same time we have been seeing the re-emergence of the lost house of Israel. This started taking place in the last several decades and has been on the increase, in accordance with, among others, Zechariah’s prophecies in chapter 10 of his book. The reconstitution of the house of Joseph and the fulfillment of YHVH’s word, as stated in the covenants with the forefathers, shows that we stand at the threshold of the second exodus, which according to Scripture is going to be so incredible that the first one will not be remembered (see Jeremiah 16:14-15; 23:7-8; Isaiah 43:18-19), nor will there be room for all the returnees in the Land of Promise (see Zechariah 10:10).  In Jeremiah 3:15-18 we read about the house of Judah walking with the house of Israel at a time when Jerusalem is called “the throne of YHVH” and when “many nations will be gathered to it”.  At this time “they will no longer remember the ark of the covenant of YHVH, nor will it come to mind nor will it be visited”.  For these scriptures to be fulfilled there obviously must be an in-gathering of the whole house of Israel in this other and greater exodus.
With this being said, in order to comprehend the times of this future exodus an understanding of the world that existed during the period of the first one seems to be required.  That epoch is known by the historians as the Bronze Age.  During and after our trip to Crete, researching this period we have found it to be most exhilarating and interesting, as one archaeologist commented: “it was very much like our own in the past two hundred years. The economic cooperation between the city states and empires was not unlike our G-8 of today”.   But what has baffled the historians, archaeologists, and other scholars is the sudden disappearance of the highly advanced peoples of that era.   There are many theories and conjectures as to whether the end of that civilization has any connections to the (first) exodus.  Yet, because of the chronology that was determined quite a while ago by the Egyptians and French archaeologists, historians and archaeologists have dismissed the exodus and any evidence that may be pertaining to it.  Even Israeli archaeologists hold on to this ‘sacred cow’ and do not believe that the exodus actually happened as, again, there is supposedly no physical evidence for the time period that they are looking at.  One of them even went as far as to say: “There are a few crack pots that try to connect an Israelite exodus to the downfall of this civilization [i.e. of the Bronze Age]”.  There is a tremendous effort in today’s humanistic academia to discredit ancient biblical history.  However, if they would actually use it as the foundation for chronology they would resolve  their confusion and sometime imaginary guesswork. 
The western historians usually start teaching modern history from the late Egyptian, early Greek and Roman periods, largely ignoring the Bronze Age, whereas those paying attention to YHVH’s Word start with the life of Abram, and then Isaac, and Jacob, who actually lived during the height of that epoch.  Yet most of us are left with the idea that our forefathers were merely wandering shepherds who lived in tents at the time when other nomadic tribes roamed around the then known world.
Back in the late 1990’s we visited Kadesh Barnea, where one could see evidence of a campsite that would have served large numbers of people. The remains were quite staggering, as we viewed the round stone campsites for as far as the eye could see.  We were told that according to the accepted view it could not have been the Israelites who had left behind these ruins, as in the archeologists’ dating system there was a 200 to 300 year discrepancy between the remains on this site and the “so called” exodus.  At the same time and according to the same theory, the identity of those people - who apparently did not stay at that site for long – was shrouded in mystery, as well as their whereabouts. 
So why are we calling this article “A Missing Link to the Second/Last Exodus”?
As mentioned earlier, we have to look at the end of the Bronze Age in order to help us understand what possibly might be the scenario leading to the last exodus.
After arriving at Heraklion (Crete’s capital) we almost immediately proceeded to go to the archeological museum that featured mostly the ancient Minoan culture and civilization.  We were ‘blown away’ by the remains of that highly advanced society and the sudden end of its existence. It was not only the end of the Minoans and Mycenaeans, but also the disappearance of the Hitite empire (whose territory was in present day Turkey and beyond), along with the decline of Egypt.  After this abrupt closure of the Bronze Age, civilization entered a period that has been termed the Dark Ages. In the museum there was an inference to a possible date of this sudden collapse, and that was approximately 1450 BC. This date caught my attention, as before we left home I was looking at the timeline in my NAS Bible.  According to John Whitcomb’s system of determining biblical chronology, the exodus would have occurred in 1445 BC.  Needless to say the museum discovery was quite exciting, but I still needed more evidence.  After returning home I began to listen to, and watch some YouTube lectures on the fall of the Bronze Age.  Almost all speakers were agreed that it was hard to pinpoint exact time elements so far back in history.  Yet in order to be accepted in the intellectual world of science and history they all somehow bowed and gave credence to the ‘sacred cow’ of the already determined chronological timing, which advances the biblical history 200 years and more.  Thus none of them would acknowledge any biblical account as relevant. 
Several days after our Crete journey we went to Belgium to meet our son’s future bride’s family.  At Yonatan and Adelheid’s engagement party I met someone with similar interests in ancient times, and as I was sharing with him about my recent findings and how it could be tied to the end time exodus of the Israelites, he informed me about a documentary called “Patterns of Evidence” by Tim Mahoney and Kevin Sorbo.  Rimona and I watched this great documentary that sets out to prove, rather convincingly, the occurrence of the exodus around the year 1450 BC.  However, the big wall of pre-determined archeological timeline does not allow this well researched documentary to receive the attention it deserves.  Our hats off to the film maker for taking a bold step for truth in unveiling biblical-historical evidence! There is one particular scripture that he brings up which helps trace the time of the exodus: “And it came to pass in the four hundred and eightieth year after the children of Israel were come out of the land of Egypt, in the fourth year of Solomon's reign over Israel, in the month Zif, which is the second month, that he began to build the house of YHVH” (1 Kings 6:1 emphasis added).  It is well known that Solomon’s reign began about 970 BC, which brings the date of the exodus exactly to the year 1450.   One of the archeologists that I listened to commented that, none of the great civilizations, like David and Solomon’s, would have arisen had not the powerful empires of the Bronze Age ended the way they did.  Another professor, who shuns the biblical accounts but is not unfamiliar with them, postulated that the destruction of Hazor, Jericho and Ai in Canaan was because of internal uprisings of its own serf population and then cynically added: “Unless you believe that Joshua did it”. The same professor’s theory on the apocalypse of that time was that it could not have been caused by just one or two factors, like an invasion of a “sea people” or an earthquake. Rather, it took a combination of those two factors along with catastrophes such as a famine or volcanic eruption of mega degree, like that of the island of Thera (Santorini), which also would have caused a tsunami of gigantic proportions, wiping out entire populations along the Mediterranean shoreline.  But the dates and the degree of this volcano vary among volcanologists and geologists.  One is really left to determine for themselves when, how, and why this amazing civilization came to its end. 
Let us fast forward to our times and ask ourselves: Could it be that today we are facing a similar development?   If it is at this time that YHVH is bringing His people out from the nations, by the millions, one can be sure that it would not go over well by the powers that be, who will try to prevent it at all costs. The Islamic nations especially would rise against such a happening, as the territory that the Israelites are to occupy is currently under Muslim domination.  YHVH has been restoring our Israelite identity, because if we do not know who we are we will not know His instructions on where to go and what to do during the troublesome times.  It took over 200 years before the remnant of the survivors of the collapse of the Bronze Age civilizations could establish some kind of order and administration, which eventually brought about the rise of ancient Greece and its empire followed by Rome.  Those centuries of recovery (period of the Israelite judges) gave the Hebrews time to grow and establish themselves in the Land of Promise. 
The missing link was hidden from our understanding until the unearthing of the Bronze Age connection to the Israelite exodus.  Satan wants to keep this connection hidden from us because he knows that the last or great exodus of Israel means the end of his rule over the nations and civilization as we know it. The restoration of YHVH’s kingdom on earth is contingent upon Him bringing His people to Himself and back to the Land of Promise.  And may I add that, the next Congress’ (just before Pesach 2018) theme will be based on this eventuality and its required biblical antecedents. 


  1. And now I am contrite for not having mentioned "Patterns of Evidence" to you previously! Har Adonai went to the theater in Monterey to see it a few years ago; and we subsequently purchased the DVD. Amazing revelation!

    1. Yes! It is amazing! Now I am looking forward to the next Congress even more.

  2. Ed, you aren't the only one. When it first came out Reyyna and I were joined by Scott Nickerson and saw "Patterns of Evidence" in a theater near Atlanta. We thought there was something there. We intended on getting the DVD, but never got around to it. Ephraim & Rimona these are some amazing connections. He truly has declared the end from the beginning (Isaiah 46:10)!